Parking - We have parking on both sides of the building with handicapped accessibly . The handicapped spaces are marked. 

Greeters- There will be greeters at each of the main doors to our sanctuary. They will be there to answers any of your questions and point you in the right direction. You may also view our church floor plans to get an idea how to navigate around the church buildings.

Entrance - You may enter the church from Sanctuary, the Fellowship Hall, Education Building or side door for "Sanctuary Entrance". There is a ramp in the front of church on the  left side next to the steps. There is also a ramp to enter the Chapel.

Dress - We encourage you to come as you are. Some of our members dress up for church while others prefer casual clothing (T-shirts, jeans, khakis).

Hospitality -  We have provide early refreshments each Sunday morning in the Palor @ 9:15am. We would love to have you come join us. For more information call the church office or view our floor plans.

Nursery/Child Care is provided for both services and Sunday school.

For Your Comfort -Wrap yourself in God's Love

In the Sanctuary and Impact Service (Fellowship Hall) you may find a prayer shawl on the bench/seat. If you get a little chili please use the shawl to wrap around yourself. When you leave ---leave the shawl for someone else to use next time. We hope the use of the shawl will bring you some comfort during our worship time together.- Prayer Shawl Team

Sunday School Classes - to learn about Sunday School  click here  Click Here

  January 2018  
Upcoming Events


Youth Ministry
4:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Youth-Parent meeting will take place on Sunday, Sept. 10th to start our new year. We will meet to discuss the coming years activities.
We will continue to meet on Sunday afternoons from 4-5 in the Senior High and Middle High youth rooms
Trad. Worship Service
10:55 AM
Service is in the Sanctuary.We have visitors parking as well has handicapped parking.